Hot roller glue application machine HRB PUR

Hot roller glue application system for polyurethane hot-melt adhesives

Universally suitable for any fiber-free materials in a rectangular or square sheet format. Particularly suitable for end products which require a high level of heat resistance.

  • Precise glue application
  • Heated application rollers with temperature control
  • Flexibly use for a wide range of tasks via programmable application speeds
  • Vat melting devices in a variety of sizes for one-off or serial manufacture
  • Automatic adjustment to the sheet thickness
  • Maintenance-friendly construction
  • Conveyor hoses with inner replacement hoses

Key Facts


  • Packaging industry, automotive industry, textile industry, sponge industry, foam manufacturers


  • PU foam, Visco foam, latex foam, PE foam, rubber, solidified textiles, etc.

Technical data

Sheet width

  • 1000 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm, 2000 mm, Option 2200 mm

Sheet lengths

  • 800 – 2100 mm 

Sheet thicknesses

  • 10 – 300 mm

Application speed

  • up to 20 m/min.


  • Application conveyor belt
  • PUR roller application machine
  • PUR filling glue heads
  • Mechanical width adjustment
  • Automatic length and height adjustment
  • Programmable penetration depth
  • PUR vat melting device 200 liters
  • Adhesive conveyor
  • Buffer transport system
  • Assembly line
  • Mattress press
  • S7 Siemens controls


  • Inner replacement hoses with adapted hose end caps for simple installation
  • Transformer
  • Press height adjustment up to 400 mm with additional reinforcement of the transport system
  • Additional assembly line
  • Outflow transport system
  • Automatic reverse / sandwich mode with return for the production of multi-layer mattresses

Additional Features

PUR roller application machine

  • Application roller rotation speed 5–20 m/min.
  • Mechanical application quantity regulation 30–200 g/m² (dependent on material)
  • Automatic fill level monitoring for the adhesive
  • Automatic adhesive refilling
  • Electronic temperature monitoring and control (freely programmable)
  • Automatic height adjustment 10 mm–300 mm
  • Simple and convenient cleaning owing to the movable gluing unit
  • Full machine housing in accordance with CE
  • With extraction hood (with connection tube for the customer’s extraction tubing)

PUR filling glue heads

  • To evenly fill the roller gap (gab between doctor roller and glue application roller)
  • Individually adjustable adhesive temperature by heating via electrical heating cartridges
  • Temperature monitoring using sensors
  • Filling heads are pneumatically locked once the target adhesive quantity is reached
  • Individually adjustable glue head position by mechanically adjusting the glue heads

PUR vat melting device 200 liters

  • Heating capacity 22 kW
  • Melting and supply capacity for min. 4 sheets/min. 2,000 mm x 2,000 mm
  • Maximum melting capacity dependent on adhesive (up to max. 300 kg/h)
  • Maximum adhesive application quantity dependent on foam and cell structure of the material
  • Conveying capacities of 5 kg/h to 320 kg/h
  • Frequency-regulated gear pump enables individual adjustment of the conveying capacity
  • Gear pump sizes of 2 ccm to 64 ccm
  • Melting plate carries out full-surface adhesive melting and adhesive removal
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Automatic fill level monitoring through special PTFE measurement sensors

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      The company Lamit has been a supplier of automated adhesive application systems and line design concepts for producing raw mattresses primarily for the mattress manufacturing industry since 1989. Lamit is a pioneer in the design and production of automated modular systems and line concepts for all common bonding processes in the mattress and foam processing industry.

      In addition to specialized Lamit application systems for processing polyurethane adhesives for various foam products and this is just one example. Bäumer's Lamit bonding technology offers two different adhesive application processes for the mattress industry. Depending on the application and, in particular, on the mattress type, either water-based dispersion adhesives or hot-melt adhesives are used.

      Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG incorporated Lamit’s product range in 2015.