Roll laminating and bonding machines

We offer rugged bonding towers with an integrated application system that includes a stainless-steel double roller. Our application machines also include integrated "park positions" for complete, motor-controlled reversal of the bonding system out of the machine. This is our way of ensuring that you have convenient access to all components for cleaning and maintenance work. Our roll laminating and bonding machines include a complete adhesive supply system from container to roller system. Our machines also feature the following:


1.     An automatic pivoting unit for forward and backward gluing.


2.     An automatic adhesive level monitor with automatic adhesive filling


3.     Mechanical and electronic gap adjustments for precisely controllable adhesive application weight.


This allows the machines to work with a product with dimensions of 2,200 x 2,100 x 400 mm and to select between automatic and programmable height, length and width adjustment.