Bonding Machine

standalone bonding machine and/or integrated in complete Bäumer production line solutions


The Lamit-HRB-PUR sets new standards through its usability for a large number of materials and applications in the flexible foam sector, through exceptional initial adhesion and ultimate bonding strength with minimum bonding agent application, as well as perfect full-surface adhesion. It processes polyurethane hot-melt adhesives and includes an installation and press section.


Flexible for changing products in the foam processing industry

This machine meets the need for flexible production with changing materials and different applications. It is intended for all manufacturers who require the full-surface adhesion of foam materials, either with each other or with a different substrate, for their end product. Through the great strength of the bond and the high heat resistance of the PUR hot-melt process, it is ideal for insulation sandwiches, sponges of all kinds, packaging materials etc.


This machine is also being used in different production line concepts in the production of sandwich mattresses, since the process allows not only the above-mentioned properties but also a soft and permanent bond seam as well as highly economical application quantities (from approx. 50 g/m2).


High level of automation

Through the adjustable roller gap, the quantity of adhesive applied can be adjusted product-specifically and very precisely. The automatic thickness detection system with almost simultaneous set-up of the roller application system through extremely precise positioning controllers as well as an adhesive level monitor with automatic adhesive filling, programmable transportation and application speeds, simple width adjustment, programmable penetration depth as well as automatic length detection, are further features of the standard unit.


Cleaning convenience

Bonding machines are not easy to clean. The procedure is time-consuming. The Lamit-HRB-PUR has a convenient, large access door. A new feature is that the complete bonding unit can also be moved laterally out of the bonding line, so that it is accessible from all sides.