About Lamit

The company Lamit has been a supplier of automated adhesive application systems and line design concepts for producing raw mattresses primarily for the mattress manufacturing industry since 1989. Lamit is a pioneer in the design and production of automated modular systems and line concepts for all common bonding processes in the mattress and foam processing industry.


In addition to specialized Lamit application systems for processing polyurethane adhesives for various foam products (just one example), Bäumer's Lamit bonding technology offers two different adhesive application processes for the mattress industry. Depending on the application and, in particular, on the mattress type, either water-based dispersion adhesives or hot-melt adhesives are used.


You can choose from different types of products (adhesive roller application systems or hot-melt adhesive application systems) under "Products". These adhesives can then be processed on our Lamit-RB and Lamit-HM adhesive application systems. The Lamit Twinglue combines the advantages of both adhesive application processes in a single production line. 

Our new product portfolio also includes a wide variety of handling systems, such as automated sheet positioning systems or fully automated mattress stacking units. The basic principle behind all adhesive bonds in the mattress industry and for foam tailoring is based on different production steps: from line entry to pressing and stacking.


Starting with the basic unit, which consists of the adhesive application system, assembly line and press, the system can grow as the user's business grows. Thus, logistics systems and handling robots for positioning/feed-in, joining and stacking can be integrated as desired at any point in time.


Our name stands for quality. Our skilled employees are there for you around the clock to answer any questions you may have.


The information you find on our website covers our individual adhesive application systems as well as our present areas of application.