Intelligent bonding technology since 1989

Roll laminating and bonding machines

We offer rugged bonding towers with an integrated application system that includes a stainless-steel double roller. Our application machines also include integrated "park positions" for complete, motor-controlled reversal of the bonding system out of the machine. This is our way of ensuring that you have convenient access to all components for cleaning and maintenance work. Our roll laminating and bonding machines include a complete adhesive supply system from container to roller system.  

Hot-melt adhesive application machines

Our heavy-duty machines are impressive with one or two integrated application systems, depending on the required capacity. Our machines offer you low maintenance, high availability and reproducible results.  The hot-melt adhesive machines offer you flexibility in how you set up production with various programs for all types of mattresses. We provide efficient hot-melt units in a wide range of sizes (25 kg, 45kg, 65 kg, 80 kg, 130 kg).

Lamit Quality

We look forward to the joint continuation and development of the Lamit portfolio with Bäumer and are sure that this "technical merger" of cutting and bonding processes will offer our customers even greater rationalization possibilities.


Nevertheless, apart from the fully integrated production lines, we will equally devote all our attention to the proven Lamit production lines in different automation levels and delivery scopes also for small and medium-size production runs.


In our view the Bäumer and Lamit merger is therefore a win-win deal for Bäumer, Lamit, and for our customers alike.


- Annette Bramert -